Sunday, October 22, 2017

Skyrim: Missing Guards Cover Artwork

"Skyrim: The Missing Guards" Cover Artwork

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Bondage and Sexual Objectification

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Was he was a cop, a lawyer? Maybe he's your boss. It doesn't matter now. In his current state he's just a naked body, helplessly bound and gagged. He can't move, speak or even see. All he can do is wriggle and moan as drops of sweat roll down his muscular form, all the while his throbbing meat begs for your attention. He's lost any and all resemblance of power, forced into submission and completely at your mercy. He's become a toy, free for you to play with and enjoy.

In bondage, Sexual Objectification is essentially taking a man and turning him into an object. You deny him his freedom, limit his movement and leaving him stuck in a restrained position. He can't even speak up or call for help, and his ability to converse has been reduced to muffled grunts. Everything that made him a person has been stripped away, making him no more privileged in the room than a piece of furniture. His entire existence is now in your hands, free for you to do with as you see fit.

Some might read that and think, "That sound horrible. Why would you want to be objectified and humiliated in such a way?" You'd be surprised how many answers to that question, but in my quest to understand my fetish I had to find my own answer. And so began the journey down the rabbit hole.

The way I look at objectification is a means of simplification. You take something very complex and present it as a simple object. It lets you hold the subject in your hands and interact with it. It's how we understand and relate to most things. If you can see it and touch it, you can understand it. And people above all are incredibly complicated beings. All his thoughts and ideas, everything he's done and everyone he's met all shape him as a person. To objectify him means getting to touch all that he is.

And you've likely heard the phrase, "sex sells." A phenomenon which uses sex appeal in marketing. A handsome man or beautiful woman in a revealing outfit on the product. So if we were to paint a metaphor, let's say that the sexual image of the body is like a hidden magnet underneath to draw your attention. And sexually objectifying bondage would be the equivalent of removing all the fabric in the way, leaving just the magnet for you to pick-up and play with. It turns a person into an object of pure sexual desire.

But what makes objectification in bondage stand out is the experience of it. To be completely helpless with no control over your own body. You enter a vulnerable state where the instinctive fear amplifies your physical senses. Every touch against your skin is intensified, you can even feel the very air brushing against your naked form. It acts as a powerful stimulant that enhances your sensitivity.

Despite the irony, you could almost call the experience liberating. The lack of choices makes you stop thinking of choices. Since you can't move, you don't think about what to do next. Since you can't talk, you don't think of how to reason. You live within this single moment. You've been given an excuse to let go and become one with your own erotic body, to only feel and stop thinking. You get to be the man underneath all your clothes, a sensational body craving pleasure and it simplifies your existence in an almost intoxicating way.

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↗️ Art by Herrilos

The male sex especially has a lot of pressure to succeed, to be strong and not show weakness. Masculinity is like a constant battle to prove your worth, and bondage gives you a break from those expectations. You get to see him in a different state than his gender assigned role, where his sexuality has been exposed and he's not in charge anymore. You kinda cheated and broke the system. And put a dominant figure in a submissive position, where struggling is his only way to assert the sexual dominance of his gender identity.

(The Disney princes are an especially good example of this, as the whole story is setup to put them in a role of a hero---even from just looking at them you can tell they aren't figures that are meant to be in a sexually submissive position and how conflicted they feel about it.)

I had found my answer. I realized that growing up as a gay man, society had created so many barriers around my sexuality. I was forbidden from even looking at another man, their sexuality always hidden away while the straight boys would shriek from even the slightly peak in the locker room. There was no scenario in which I could just embrace the body of a man as the object of my desire.

Naturally bondage and its sexual objectification became a fantasy of a green flag, where all the barriers had been broken and I had the freedom to just enjoy his body. To just give in to desire and forget all the formalities. And perhaps that's why bondage is such a widespread fetish, as a way to separate ourselves from our stifling assigned identities and just be the horny body underneath it all.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why I like Bondage

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Ever since I was a kid I always knew I liked guys tied up. Big strong masculine men helplessly restrained like a sexy toy just waiting to be used. It was the hottest thing ever and nothing else moved me quite like it.

But I didn't understand why. And you can imagine how it made me feel different compared to the other boys. Not only was I attracted to my own gender---I also fantasized them all bound up.

The fear of being called a freak ruled my life for years to come---why was my sexuality so different? Why couldn't I just choose to obsess over girls like my peers in a normal fashion? I began to look inwards to find my answers. If I could understand why... then perhaps I wouldn't feel like a freak.

I learned fairly quick that "being gay" was normal and lots of people are born with different sexual orientations. Though a minority, it was in no way strange.

But that still didn't explain my fixation on bondage. After all, there's no such thing as a "fetish gene." A fetish is born from events in your life. So for me to develop a bondage fetish so young, it had to be something that happened during those early years---more specifically, at school. And the more I followed that path of thought, the more things began to make sense.

What shaped my sexuality was the way I interacted with the gender I was attracted to. The other boys constantly bullied me in their need to assert their primitive dominance as the tougher "alpha males." And I begin to fantasize of a scenario where I could sexually dominate them in an equal manner.

The classic fantasy of "Role reversal," where you swap roles so that the submissive partner becomes the dominant partner and vice versa. A means to make you feel empowered by being in charge of someone more dominant and stronger than yourself. And bondage is the perfect medium to explore such a fantasy.

But... I never felt like I was weak or submissive in the first place. Part of the reason I got bullied was because I always fought back. I never accepted the submissive position they tried to force on me.

Instead, it was the power dynamic between males. I both identified as a dominant male and was attracted to other dominant males. But that scenario proposed a conflict since dominating requires a partner to submit, and you'd just get two males fighting to force the other into submission.

Finally I had found my answer as to why I like bondage. It turns the required power exchange for dominance into a physical external object---a restraint---and allows you to attach it to another dominant partner, stealing away control of his body. He wouldn't be taking orders or bending over like a submissive partner and he could be in a submissive position without betraying his dominant identity.

And his struggle resembles the conflict of trying to be dominant in a submissive position. It even excites him, the physical sensation of putting all his muscles to work in a sexual situation... fighting for his very sex.

Sometimes he even gets so lost in the lust of it all that he forgets to be dominant and finds pleasure in a situation he never thought he'd enjoy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ivern's Brush

Shen and Zed's secret session becomes a lot less secret when their hiding spot vanishes together with the brush. (For those not familiar with league, Ivern is the first champion with the ability to create temporary brushes which hides champions inside of it.)