Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Why I like bondage
"Ever since I was a kid I always knew I liked guys tied up. Big strong masculine men helplessly restrained like a sexy toy just waiting to be used. It was the hottest thing ever and nothing else moved me quite like it.

But I didn't understand why. And you can imagine how it made me feel different compared to the other boys. Not only was I attracted to my own gender---I also fantasized them all bound up."

Bondage and Sexual Objectification
"Was he was a cop, a lawyer? Maybe he's your boss. It doesn't matter now. In his current state he's just a naked body, helplessly bound and gagged. He can't move, speak or even see. All he can do is wriggle and moan as drops of sweat roll down his muscular form, all the while his throbbing meat begs for your attention. He's lost any and all resemblance of power, forced into submission and completely at your mercy. He's become a toy, free for you to play with and enjoy."