Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Erotic stories about male bondage with illustrations. Some stories are hosted on a separate blog to enable "paging" for a better reader experience.

"Catching Up" is a short visual novel about two young men who bump into each other again after 6 years and find they left something behind.

"Skyrim: The Missing Guards" is a 30 page comic following a Nordic hero on a quest to find the guardsmen suddenly missing from the city.


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  2. Your male bondage stories with illustrations are the golden standard as far as I see. It's always a pleasure to read these stories and a pleasure to see the big muscled stud taking it like a man from his smaller and commanding master. I'm looking forward to more of "Catching Up" if that's in the future. This story has been one that hits all of the nerves for me.

    What I wouldn't do to be Andrew, lol. I've always wanted my own Lucas to keep tied up and play with whichever ways I want. Keep up the great work!

  3. I want this relationship, and I want to be Andrew!